The Nashville Republican Women have been continuously active since 1949.
We have logged thousands and thousands of hours participating in campaigns, supported Republican candidates and helped build the Republican party. From stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, knocking on doors, establishing and maintaining headquarters, and greeting voters at the polls, to serving in leadership positions at the national, state and local levels, we have supported our candidates. Several of our members have run for various offices.
     It’s not all about politics.  For the past 13 years, we have provided toys (and sometimes warm coats) to the Children of Tennessee Soldiers and the Fisher House at Fort Campbell has twice been the recipient of generous donations from NRW,  (The Fisher House provides military families with housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury).

We hope you will join us.


June NRW Luncheon

has been CANCELLED

The Nashville Republican Women’s Club has been a valuable member of the Nashville community for over 70 years and continues to strive to meet the conservative needs and voices throughout Middle Tennessee. These past 3 months dealing with COVid-19 has stymied our voice and presence (probably for the first time ever for this amount of time). However, through social media we’ve been able to somewhat communicate and keep abreast of news and stay in touch. Although all of the great programs and events the NRW Executive Board had planned were cancelled for the past 3 months, we are picking up the pieces and moving forward. Beginning September 9th we will continue the NRW meetings at Hillwood Country Club. All of our meetings throughout the end of the year will be programs you won’t want to miss.
The upcoming State Republican Primary Election is fast approaching and early voting begins July 17th. Regardless of your choice of candidate for US Senate seat, I urge you to work hard and make your voices heard. This is a very important race and we need to encourage everyone to go to the poles and vote. If you need an Absentee Ballot request it now. Also, remember NRW member Donna Tees is a candidate for Tennessee House of Representatives, District 52. She needs our support both financially and campaigning.
Make the Trump/Pence Campaign a high priority. The MSM and social media are beating them up, but they can’t shut us up. Now is not the time for political correctness…..be bold, be brave, and be supportive of President Trump. He must win and he can win and we are behind him 100%. I have heard from the following 4 women that they will be attending the GOP National Convention in Charlotte, August 24-27: Hattie Bryant, Pat Barker, Jeanette Coke, and Cherry Lingbawan. Stacy Snyder is waiting to hear if she can attend as a delegate.
It is with regret that I must notify you of the resignation of Patricia Mathes, 2nd Vice President of NRW. Patricia is moving back to Dallas this week. She has been a great Membership Chair and member of the Executive Board. Patricia has been very active in Republican politics in Nashville and she will be missed. In stating this, Hattie Bryant, NRW Recording Secretary, has agreed to replace Patricia as 2 V-P. In the meantime Hattie will be Acting 2 V-P. At the NRW meeting in September we will have a Call to the Meeting in order to have an election, and nominations will be accepted from the floor, for both this position and Recording Secretary.