2/12/20: Nashville Republican Women had a tremendous February luncheon today as we welcomed the Honorary Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton as our keynote speaker! What an incredible turnout with an energy that was through the roof as our Local and State conservatives begin to rally together for our hot 2020 election season! Notable attendees were Marie Tillman, 1st VP of the TFRW, Metro Councilman-at-Large Steve Glover,and the strong and beautiful spouses of Senate Candidates Bill Hagerty (Chrissy) and Dr. Manny Sethi (Maya) – we know you are the backbone to their success!! We have many exciting events in the works and hope you will join us!


2/9/20: Mount Juliet Republican Women hosted “WEAR YOUR RED to Kick Off 2020” this past Sunday at Treemont Mansion! Tennessee women are getting fired up! Several of our members attended this wonderful and invigorating event and the speakers were extraordinary! NRW attendees were Mary Knowles Obersteadt, Stacy Ries-Snyder, Karen Porter and Dianne Ries. Gracious Speakers were: Beth Campbell, TN Committeewoman (National Republican Party), Barbara Trautman, President of TN Federation of Republican Women, Congressman Diane Black, Susan Lynn, State Representative Chair-Finance Committee, Randall Hutto, Wilson County Mayor, Steve Glover, Davidson County Councilman-at-Large and Scott Golden, Chair of the Tennessee Republican Party. Kudos to Mount Juliet Club President Gwynne Queener, Chair Norma Otto and Pam Kelley for putting together a beautiful, well-attended and informative event!


2/8/20: What a tremendous TFRW Winter Meeting at Brentwood Country Club! It was a pleasure experiencing the statewide momentum brought by the finest conservative ladies on the planet! Such passion and enthusiasm! NRW was well represented!


12/3/19: A large group gathered today at the 1st Tuesday Conservatives meeting to meet Ambassador Bill Hagerty and his wife Chrissy! Ambassador Hagerty is running for the senate seat being vacated by Lamar Alexander. We heard interesting stories of his time as America’s Ambassador to Japan and his goals for our state and country. Ambassador Hagerty is a 4th generation Tennessean who has received President Trump’s complete endorsement. Many Nashville Republican Women were in attendance wearing our token Christmas antlers as we continued raising donations for the Toys for Tennessee Soldiers Campaign! Over $900 was raised! Special thanks to Tim Skow for all of the enthusiasm and support!




11/13/19: We had a wonderful November luncheon with our guest panel: David Fox, former candidate for Mayor, Thom Druffel – District 23, Steve Glover – Council at Large, Jonathan Hall – District 1, Courtney Johnston – District 26, Robert Swope – District 4. Saw some familiar faces as well – Former Speaker of the House Beth Harwell and Team Hagerty! Ellie the Elephant kicked off the annual Toy Drive for Soldiers and we are hoping for some Christmas magic for these deserving families!



11/7/19:  We had the pleasure of participating in a question and answer session with Congressman Ron Estes (R-KS 4th District) today at the 1st Tuesday Conservative luncheon hosted by Tim Skow. Mary Obersteadt, Beverly Knight, Amy Dudley and Mande Robert’s (not pictured) represented the Nashville Republican Women as we kicked off our Annual Toys for Tennessee Soldiers drive! Thanks to members of 1st Tuesday and several local Councilmen we raised $650 with 2 more checks coming!! We appreciate our close friendship with these wonderful folks!!


April 1, 2019 Ladies’ Day on the Hill

Sharon O’Connell, Norma Otto, Cherry Lingbawan, Carolyn Amiot, Mary Obersteadt,
Mande Roberts, Laura Christi, Karen Porter, Patricia Heim and Bobbie Patray.

Joy Brooks, Betty Draughon, Tessa Eades, Jann Dower, Jeanette Coke,
Michelle Foreman, Hattie Bryant and Sandra Szejner.

NRW President Mary Obersteadt welcoming guests to the House Chambers during Ladies’ Day on the Hill 2018.

DCRP Picnic 2018

The Governor and First Lady of Tennessee, Crissy and Bill Haslam. Thank you for your service to Tennessee.
NRW President, Mary Obersteadt; Governor Haslam; First Lady Crissy Haslam; TFRW President, Barbara Trautman



Barbara Fletcher, Pat Barker, Michelle Foreman and Beverly Knight Hurley
Mary Obersteadt and Joyce Jeffords
Catering Mgr, Mary Obersteadt, Barbara Trautman, Myrna Elmer and Kathy Langan


Pat Barker, Kathy Langan, Michelle Foreman, Mary Obersteadt, Joyce Jeffords, Myrna Elmer and Morel Harvey.
The Sunday Night Crew (Joyce Jeffords, Morel Harvey, Pat Barker, Kathy Langan, Michelle Foreman, Barbara Trautman, Mary Obersteadt, Myrna Elmer and Nelia Dempsey).