April 1, 2019 Ladies’ Day on the Hill

Sharon O’Connell, Norma Otto, Cherry Lingbawan, Carolyn Amiot, Mary Obersteadt,
Mande Roberts, Laura Christi, Karen Porter, Patricia Heim and Bobbie Patray.

Joy Brooks, Betty Draughon, Tessa Eades, Jann Dower, Jeanette Coke,
Michelle Foreman, Hattie Bryant and Sandra Szejner.

NRW President Mary Obersteadt welcoming guests to the House Chambers during Ladies’ Day on the Hill 2018.

DCRP Picnic 2018

The Governor and First Lady of Tennessee, Crissy and Bill Haslam. Thank you for your service to Tennessee.
NRW President, Mary Obersteadt; Governor Haslam; First Lady Crissy Haslam; TFRW President, Barbara Trautman



Barbara Fletcher, Pat Barker, Michelle Foreman and Beverly Knight Hurley
Mary Obersteadt and Joyce Jeffords
Catering Mgr, Mary Obersteadt, Barbara Trautman, Myrna Elmer and Kathy Langan


Pat Barker, Kathy Langan, Michelle Foreman, Mary Obersteadt, Joyce Jeffords, Myrna Elmer and Morel Harvey.
The Sunday Night Crew (Joyce Jeffords, Morel Harvey, Pat Barker, Kathy Langan, Michelle Foreman, Barbara Trautman, Mary Obersteadt, Myrna Elmer and Nelia Dempsey).